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Domayne Review

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25 Sutherland Street City West, West Perth, WA 6005
(08) 9215 8600

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West Perth,

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Domayne Reviewed by on Mar 2012.
Rating: 0 out of 5

I am struggling to even afford this store a single star rating for service....However due to the fact that this program will not allow a zero rating or a negative I am stuck with 1, under protest. Please be advised that if you want Fawlty Towers style of service this is your 1 stop shop. I am impressed how one organization cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever, despite evidence. The Hitleresque style of conflict resolution is awe inspiring to say the least. However I will give 5 stars in the fact that all customers are treated the same, whether you spent $1.00 or $20 000 you are still WRONG and treated accordingly.

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Domayne Reviewed by C Ward on Nov 2011.
Rating: 0 out of 5

WHen I paid my deposit for a leather lounge suit I was informed in writting that 12 weeks notice was to be given for the lounge suit to be manufactured. I gave 15 weeks just to be on the safe side but I will still not be recieving my lounge on time. Domayne cannot give me a n exact date when I will recieve it but it wil be approx 2 weeks after the date that they assured me I would have it by. They accept no responsibility and staff member Jeannie continually puts the blame on the manufaturer. Why put in writting that 12 weeks order time is necessary when its not true, if its 17 weeks then that should be stated at the time of purchase.

Followup Comment By Craig Preedy on Dec 2011.
There is a complaint thread running about Domayne customer service at:

Worth the read. Specifically how problems were solved after someone complaining online. Sites like this are great! Thanks PerthFurnitureStore and whirlpool forum!

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