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Sleeprite Furniture Review

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1301 Albany Hwy CANNINGTON WA 6107
(08) 9458 8615

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Sleeprite Furniture Reviewed by Leon Hewitt on May 2015.
Rating: 0 out of 5

Got told to "f!@k off" by the manager after asking if they stock a specific brand of pillow protector.
Me: "Hi, just chasing up if you a specific brand "x" of pillow protector."
Tony Stack: "Ah... we have this "Y" and this "Z"...
Me: Sorry but i really am after this specific brand. Are these the only 2 brands you have?
Tony Stack: *throwing down his products* "Look, I showed you 2 brands, most shops wouldn't even have that."
Me: "Sorry but i really am..."
Tony Stack: "Just f!@k off then!"

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