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Trilogy Furniture Review

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250 Stirling Hwy CLAREMONT WA 6010
(08) 9383 4712

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Trilogy Furniture Reviewed by Nicole Christie on May 2013.
Rating: 0 out of 5

What a dreadful experience! I have recently moved to Perth from Brisbane. I accompanied a friend on a shopping expedition to Trilogy on Friday! The show room was lovely and we quickly decided to purchase 10 dinning room chairs. The young man who served us was initially delightful! Then we made the mistake of heading to the outdoor section next door! There lives a sour old woman who lacks professionalism and any sort of basic manners. She was not only nasty but it appeared our additional $3500 purchase was rather a hassle. Her negativity appeared to be catching and the young man who initially served us also decended into a grump! Nevertheless our purchases arrived promptly however when we discovered the outdoor table was infact too big for the space the real hostility unfolded! I am simply dumbfounded that customers endure such treatment! In Brisbane quality furniture stores go to considerable lengths to ensure every item is exactly right for the customer, understanding that their reputation is vital to the continued success of their business! I am shocked by the way my friend was treated! My advice to the people of Perth online from East!

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